Ancient Egypt: 3,050 bc to 900 bc

Powerful rulers constructed pyramids,temples and shrines

Early Christian medieval: 373 to 500

European architecture moved from the rectangular basilica form to the classicaly

inspired byzantine style

Classical: 850 bc to 476 AD

From the rise of the ancient Greece until the fall of the roma empire, great buildings were constructed

Romanesque: 500 to 1200

As rome spread across Europe, heavier stocky Romanesque architecute with rounded arches

Gothic 1100 to 1450

architecture: Innovative builders created the great cathedrals of europe

Renaissance architecture: 1400 to 1600

A return to classical ideas ushered an age of awakening in Italy,France and england

Neoclassical architecture: 1730 to 1925

A renewed interest in ideas of renaissance

Art deco: 1925 to 1937

Zigzag patterns and vertical lines create dramatic effect on jazz age, Art Deco buildings

20th century architecture: 1900 to present

The century has seen dramatic changes ,deconstructivism , formalism, ,

modernism and sustainable/green architecture