Their houses are reminiscent of caves and cave dwelling : the habitologie was born.

After plastic test, as the snail house made 1956 Hair Ionel Schein, the first house concrete wall bubble is built 1959 Pascal Haüsermann, soon joined by his wife Claude Costy, and Jean-Louis Chanéac, working its cells «amphora», et par Antti Knight. If Haüsermann favors an architecture «sculpture» freeform, Antti Lovag claims a more functional approach and aesthetic. These pioneers have different philosophies, but they all have in common the desire to achieve a home accessible to all, modular, which follows the contours of the body and nature

The habitology leads to take into account all the needs-

of existence. The plan is designed by holding

simultaneously counts furniture, openings, circulations

and shells. The integration of existing rocks is planned in the

dining room, kitchen and living room. All these aspects of layout-

they may be the subject of separate studies.

The cut reveals an inperspective study

dull, depending on the double-curved walls of the shells (design-

three-dimensional), depending on the differences in ground level,

furniture and various openings.

is a study of circulations; in black, the passing surfaces,

taking into account the various elements provided for in the plan.

Dining room-living room

This opening dining room becomes also a living room: the table and seats are in- dependent on the hull, fixed on a tray movable and adjustable in height; are additionally tiltable, swivel and Eloi-table gnables. It is thus easy to move from the inside to the outside, from a meal position to a position more relaxing at coffee time. There mobility in the layout thus allows a wide variety of uses. Several types of glazing can equip-per shell: dome-shaped or visor-shaped with single or double curvature. This dining-living room can also settling against the facade of a tra-ditional.

The size and replacement of the openings are conditioned by the operation interior. Three types of Windows exist.They make it possible to fully enjoy the climate and are arranged according to the sitting, standing or lying positions of the inhabitants. They play the role of wide angle or telephoto lens for framing the landscape.

Master plan

Front view:


composition of the design:

Lovag sees the straight line as “an aggression against nature”; Palais Bulles is a reminder that life is cyclical, the world is round, and good things don’t always come in boxes.

The entry leads to living room directly as it is the main public spaces in house. From the living room, the dining area is connected. The balcony is related to the living room connect exterior with interior, providing a better quality of viewing scenery. I like the sun shines in into my house in the morning, it gives me strength to start a new day. Thus, balconies are incorporated into the design at the 1st floor too.