My background

I first started my bachelor degree of architecture in my home country lebanon, where i practiced a lot of drawing techniques and analyses forms in architecture that were more about our culture there and ambience, other than studying about the architectural way in europe.

we made different types of drawings using different materials such as charcoal and watercolors and placing squares of colors in placements to creat a figure.

also showing reflections and shadows of the materials using pencil drawings and textures.

as i moved to barcelona for my first year i learned a lot of stuff interesting culture another ambience of architecture, barcelona was a good choice i took i fell inlove with the city and the university taught in a total different way than in lebanon.

as for the design class we had to do vivendas design towers i took my approach of analysing and from what i learned to do this work,

My journey didn’t stop in barcelona, then i wanted to learn more spanish as my first university was private and i wanted to experience more of this lovely culture in spain and see different types of architecture in other parts of this country, so then i moved to the public university of la coruna in galicia.

i fell in love with galicia and the beach in la coruna and the food they have, the teach was also different than in barcelona also for being a public university, but i learned a lot there from the way they analyse projects and urbanism.

as we had a land in the mountain where we had to analyse and work about.

Then going more deep in designing and finding our concepts to build.

finally to design a coworking group of offices there where it was needed.

One of my favorite works was analysing the project of Le Corbusier Villa Savoye,

as i drew it with passion showing all the 5 points of architecture.

A sketch that i have done that represents a project in a green sight and which is a project of one of my favorite architects Frank lloyd Wright: the waterfall

During my university degree in collage drawing and sketches we were practicing interesting way to present collage and drawing with different materials and ways.

one of these ways was drawing with coffee.

ِAnother type of drawings which is essential in architecture,art and drawing in general which is learning perspective drawing and it’s rules by points.

1 point perspective 2 points perspective…

here i’ve done a 2 points perspective drawings of a geometrical form with also the rules of expression the shadow depending on the inclined angle.

Here a drawing i did for a 1 point perspective

Movement is also important in art and architecture as we expressed movement in architecture by drawing lines , shadows and other forms.

here in my case i’ve learned in expressing movement by repetitive drawings sequences of lining where we can sense that the drawing is moving or as a sketch of different timings of the object.

finally engaging with a group of erasmus architecture student’s i learned well team work and communicating with in another language and based on their culture and education bases, we have analysed a project in la coruna galicia which is called fundacion de luis seone. as we did analysis on:

-urban site