Hello my name is Mohamad Hamdache , a lebanese student studying in valencia.

Introduction to architecture opened my eyes in many ways about architecture , and opened for me a larger variety of things to learn, observe, and the way to think and analyze in architecture. through the whole semester learning about the history of architecture and how it began, and progressed during ages and year, it made me learn the basics of what is architecture, a shelter? life surrounding ?

During my first exercise from the observing space inside my room, before this exercise i didnt used to look or feel the space in my room as i do now! the way i analyze the space surrounding me now is different! i learned about vision. A way to look and observe architecturally and sense the spaces, elements, and textures surrounding me.

continuing to our second and third exercise analyzing work of architects, this was the most helpful way ,it helped learn new skills and ways of designs and concepts from master minded architects, rules to use in planning and all. analyzing someone’s work is not that easy, you have to dig deep to understand his way of thinking and how he expressed his technique through out his work , in planning and designing. All in all now i can understand analyze observe more and different what i see of architecture surrounding me , and think differently in concepts and techniques to get a better me as a thinker.